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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
« on: March 19, 2018, 05:21:27 pm »
-Stich or another staff member were rude to me!
    Don't be a **** retard and they won't say mean things.

-How much is Official?
    Price of the menu is at sellers discretion.

-Do I have to pay for every update?
    Purchasing Official grants you access to the menu for the life of the menu. You have full access to all future updates.

-Is the menu locked to my Social Club ID (SCID)?
    No. The menu is locked to your PC.

-But What happens if I change my PC?
    If you change your PC, you will need a new key. A new key will cost you $5.

-What if my PC is the same and I just reinstall/reset/change my OS?
    If you only modify the OS, you may be prompted for a name and key, just enter your old name and key provided at time of purchase.

-Can I run the menu through a VPN?
    Sure, go right ahead. As stated above, the menu is locked to your PC.

-So I see that you also have a free external, do I have to purchase Official Premium to get that as well?
    Nope. Its FREE, meaning anyone can use it.

-Do I have to run the injector at the load screen or in SP?
    You can run the injector whenever. However we suggest either:
    1. Loading SP > Inject in SP > Load MP
    Inject before SP at load screens > Finish loading SP > Go to MP

-What in the **** is that version number though?
    1. Read the changelog. ;) 2. Also to make stupid people ask stupid questions.

-Ok, I see two versions of the menu, what is the c version?
    The c version is the compatible version, and is intended to allow use of Official alongside another menu.

-So what menus are compatible?
    Almost every menu out there, as long as they don't actively block our menu from being co-loaded.

-But I can't get it to work with menu XYZ, will you help me?
    Probably not. It's not our job to ensure we are compatible with everyone else.

-Is it safe?
    Yes it's safe... -_-

-Is there anything I should be careful with in the menu?
    Nope, if its in the menu, its safe to use. Have at it.

-The menu is currently down, when will it be up?
    It will be up as soon as we can verify it is safe.

-Can I at least get an ETA?
    No. Don't ask, unless you like being insulted, muted, kicked, or even banned, then go right ahead.

-Will Official be one of the very first to come back up after an update?
    No. We take our time updating and ensuring the safety of the menu before we release.

-Well then, how long after an update will it take for Official to be back up?
    No idea. Each update is different, but try to give us a week or two at most while we get the menu working and stress test it for safety.

-But how many bans do you have?
    So far, none, and we hope to keep it that way for as long as possible.

-What happens if Official does one day become detected?
    We will warn all of you ASAP and will work on resolving the detection as fast as we can. We cannot guarantee that you will never get banned, but we do everything we can to prevent it.

-Will you replace my account or refund me if I do get banned?
    No. If you read the ToS like you were supposed to, you would know that.

-Oh, where is the ToS located?
    The ToS is included in every release of Official.

-Who do I go to for support?
    Contact our support staff on the Discord or on here. Stich and I have other things we have to do, so you will get better support from our support staff.

-Can I get a feature list/showcase?
    We are working on a features list, but you can check my showcase in the second post which shows off (almost) everything in the menu.
    You can also check my channel for streams and future showcases.

-What is Karma?
    For some reason people keep asking what this options does, so here goes:
    Karma = someone aim at you they go go big boom boom

-Can I make suggestions and/or report bugs? If so where?
    Yes you can, although we are likely already aware of most bugs. Suggestions are just that. We hold no obligation to implement any or all suggestions. Spamming the same suggestions repeatedly will not help you and may result in disciplinary action.
    Bug reports go here:
    Suggestions go here:

-What happens if the Discord server is deleted again?
    If the server is deleted we will usually send out an email with a link to the new one. You can also check as that should always have a working invite.

-But when I follow the discord invite above it says it's invalid...
    Please alert one of our staff or me and we will fix the broken invite ASAP. Well, unless you were banned, then it will show as invalid due to that.

-Can I get my role on the Discord?
    Of course. I usually hand them out automatically upon purchase but I am prone to forget these things. If I forgot you, let me know.

-Stich or another staff member were rude to me!
    Don't be a **** retard and they won't say mean things.
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